October 1987




Welcome to another great issue of ROCK-SHOTS! This month we’ve got variety like you’ve never seen before! We’ve got loads of glam metal for you; exclusive interviews with Motley Crue, Poison, Cinderella and Ozzy Osbourne! You’ll hear the latest news from each of these hot bands!



Karen Levitt

Madonna is taking on the world this summer! She started her new Who's That Girl? concert tour in Japan where tickets sold-out instantly! She then returned to the U.S. to tour her native land for awhile with plans to continue touring in Europe immediately following.

Post Script

ROCK-SHOTS continues to get loads of letters from Bon Jovi fans! The gorgeous hunk from New Jersey is creating quite a stir with ROCK-SHOTS readers! They love him! This month we’ve rounded up the best metal and you can enjoy exclusive interviews with: Poison, Cinderella, Motley Crue and Ozzy Osbourne.



Karen Levitt

What can you tell us about your character in Like Father, Like Son? Kirk: I play Chris Hammond, son of Jack Hammond, and basically, he’s a teenage kid who doesn’t like school too much. He does well in school but not well enough for his dad. His dad’s a surgeon, played by Dudley Moore, and basically what happens in the middle of the movie is we end up taking this Navajo potion and switching brains.


Whether you think they’re rude and nasty or cute and sassy, New York’s Beastie Boys have been getting a lot of attention lately. Songs like “You’ve Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party” from the multiplatinum album Licensed To III have catapulted the baddest boys of rap from relative obscurity to superstardom almost overnight, and they’ve brought with them a reputation for being brash and outspoken.

Bryan Adams

Robyn Lisa Burn

The much-awaited and duly-anticipated fifth album from Bryan Adams has been received with open arms and open minds. In no uncertain terms did Adams deliver a Reckless Part II. Instead, the Canadian with a pulse that beats strongly on both sides of the border, served up a stunning, emotional album that satisfied his personal and artistic palate.


Richard Blaine

Calling all cars! Calling all cars! Everyone who’s anyone is being arrested these days. First they appear on movie posters at your local theater, next it’s wanted posters at your local post office! First on the police lineup is the not-so-wise wiseguy Bruce Willis of Moonlighting, who was arrested for assaulting an officer when police broke up a wild party at Willis’s Hollywood Hills pad.

Motley Crue Return Of The Party Boys

Allessandra A.

"I want to have my listening party at the Body Shop and that’s all there is to it!" Nikki Sixx declared decisively when his record company publicist asked where he wanted to preview Motley Crue’s fourth and most exciting vinyl venture, Girls, Girls, Girls.


Well, the results are in: a stunning 99.98 percent of ROCK-SHOTS' readers have agreed that Shots In The Dark is the greatest section in the magazine. Yes, with the exceptions of a grumpy old lady in Billings, Montana and the Editor, (who might be the same person), everyone’s written in saying that we must stay!

Poison: A Question Of Success

Beth Grant

"Are we stars?" Poison’s Rikki Rockett repeats the question asked him, trying to figure out the answer. “We don’t know yet! We haven’t really had time to think about it. We’ve been so busy! We’re still doing everything like we were at the beginning when we weren’t even close to gold.”


Stryper’s To Hell With The Devil is metal at its shimmering, sonically-towering best with a thematic center that flings itself in in the face of the genre’s typically dark and gloomy rhetoric! Whew! The LP includes the hit singles “Calling On You,” “Free” and the latest hit, “Honestly.”

Cinderella: The Life Of The Party

Jodi Summers

They’ve got Aerosmith-styled vocals, the in-concert energy of Ratt, the Rolling Stones’ producer, Jon Bon Jovi’s blessing and the help of a fairy godmother. Well, the fairy godmother may be a little far fetched. How about if we say they’ve got a guardian angel or two looking over their shoulders?

Tribute To A Legend: OZZY OSBOURNE

Vicki Arkoff

There are few rock ’n’ roll legends to match the amazing Ozzy Osbourne. Many stories have circulated about his controversial concerts (he’s bitten the heads off live doves!) and songs (some have cried “devil” because of his darkthemed music), but the soft-spoken Englishman is quick to dismiss the rumors and to explain the distinction between Ozzy the performer and Ozzy the down-toearth family man.

The Bon Jovi Scrapbook

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Sharon Harrow

“I remember I worked at the post office one Christmas,” reminisces Billy Idol, “and I was singing to myself, and there was this guy who turned around to me and said, ‘Never try to earn a living by singing, man, because you haven't got a voice.’ And I thought, ‘Right, I’m gonna do it,' even though I wasn’t sure of myself for a long time.


A-ha & OOZ Baond Together!

Steve Peters

Question: What do you get when you team up one of the most popular musical groups in recent years with one of the most popular movie characters of all time? Answer: Norwegian heartthrobs A-ha singing the title song for the new James Bond movie!


ROCK-SHOTS has become famous for its contests. . . and with so many winners in every issue, is it any wonder? We’re awarding prizes to over 70 lucky entrants this issue! First, there was the Bruce Springsteen trivia contest in which we awarded two copies of the five-record set, Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band Live 1975-85.

Vince Neil of Motley Crue


Sharon Harrow

Some bands politely ask an audience to pay attention to their music. The Cult demand it. No pussy-footing around. They give a brutal wake-up call to those comatose from too much middle-of-theroad. No bubblegum or lollipops for this band. They’re in this rock ’n’ roll for real.


Will David Bowie Let Us Down?

Steve Appleford

The cover photograph of David Bowie's new album, Never Let Me Down, shows the musician frantically jumping forward.


Joanne Carnegie

Hey, hey, it’s the Monkees, And people say they monkey around, But they’re too busy singing, To put anybody down. They’re just trying to be friendly, Come and watch them sing and play, They’re the young generation, And they’ve got something to say.


Sharon Harrow

“People are always trying to make us something. Why won’t they accept us as being four people? There's no plan to the group. The music’s a reflection of the four people...People want singers, especially, to take their clothes off in public.